Mission, Vision and Core Values

Vision: Communities where children realize their full potential as a result of concerted family and societal efforts


Mission: To create a conducive environment that supports the optimum development of deprived, excluded and vulnerable children




CECE endeavors to be open in all her dealings right from office up to the outside world to the level acceptable.


This involves being responsible for our action and giving feedback to those concerned, managing and utilizing resources effectively and as per plan.

Team work:

In course of fulfilling our mandate CECE shall work as a team and this will involve;

 Having responsibilities and tasks shared

 Pulling in the same direction and goal

 Having each one’s role, responsibility and expectations clarified.

 Collectively making decisions and being accountable for them.

Mutual Respect 

CECE strives to recognize the individual differences and appreciate the communities and staff for what they are and also value their contributions.

Building others

CECE puts value in all human resource as the main force that makes a difference in fighting child poverty. We will Endeavour to build the capacity of all staffs and stakeholders whenever possible to be able to effectively fight child poverty.


CECE promotes love as a key to child development. All staffs and stakeholders are expected to live in harmony and love one another.


In all our work we shall Endeavor to do excellent work first time. This is the main measure of quality service to the communities and children we serve.


We shall be trustworthy with the resources entrusted to us and use it in the best way possible to fight against child poverty.


All CECE staffs and representatives are expected to portray the right image of the organisation in all transactions involving the organization.