Community Efforts for Child Empowerment (CECE) is a registered non-profit making and Child focused Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) constituted in June 2009, with its Secretariat based in Kiboga Town Council. It is an umbrella organization, working with six (6) communities (Masodde, Butemba, Kiyuni, Wakiso, Gayaza and Kinabwe) located in the districts of Kyankwanzi, Kiboga, Wakiso and Luwero respectively.


Project Name: Building Sustainable Outcomes for Educated and Confident Children (Life Stage II) 


To improve and stabilize household economic security including income to adequately meet the needs of children and young adolescents by June 2018 

To improve the quality and completion of primary school education for both boys and girls by June 2018 

 To Strengthen capacity of existing community based child protection systems to provide child friendly services. 

To improve school learning environment for CYA for improved educational performance by June 2018 


Target Group: In and out of school children the ages of 6- 14 years 

Caregivers and other duty bearers


Project Duration: July 2017 – June 2018 


Implementation Partners: District Education, Community Based Services & Production Departments


Project Strategy Statements 

The project will seek to enhance accountability of the duty bearers to children who are the rights holders and are victims of abuse and exploitation. Focus will be on building the capacity of and strengthen the existing community-based child well being structures, the formal duty bearer departments in charge of child protection, livelihood, school administrations, and actors to support children and sensitize the public on children rights. It further focuses on household resilient and education and confident children. 

Community-based child protection structures will be supported to initiate dialogue meetings within their localities as a forum for community members to discuss issues of child protection, opportunities and challenges and how to develop community-based and relevant solutions and strategies that challenge violence against children and that also provide safety for survivors of child abuse and exploitation. Through such fora, communities will be encouraged to organize collectively to stop violence against children as part of their usual community agenda, rather than relying entirely on the formal justice system to address the issue 

Information/experience sharing 

Information/experiences coming out of project implementation will be shared through different fora including training activities, quarterly review/planning meetings and through routine coordination meetings 


Technical support 

Technical support will be provided on a regular basis at all levels in the form of support supervision to enable stakeholders integrate and utilize skills gained through training and also equip them with additional skills. CECE will organize for technical support relevant to different program offers 

Institutional Capacity Building 

As part of this PDD, institutional capacity will be developed to provide an ongoing resource to allow CECE & her affiliates and government duty bearers at district level in the Area to undertake analysis of issues relevant to child well being. Capacity of the LP and affiliate communities will be developed in areas meant to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in program delivery. 


 Project strategy justification 

The strategy stated above is in line with the Child Fund Uganda national goal and objectives on child well being and also in line with the government policy priorities. The strategy will allow effective implementation and sustainability through capacity building of children and families.


  • Community Efforts for Child Empowerment (CECE) is a registered non-profit making and Child focused Non-Governmental Organization
  • To create a conducive environment that supports the optimum development of deprived, excluded and vulnerable children
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